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William Barclay explains this. Some time ago, he pretended to be someone famous. They thought that they were smaller than Peter and John. He had become sad again.

One man was Joseph, who was called Barsabbas. He was also called Justus. The other man was Matthias. Here are these two men. Judas would go to where he belongs. So, he has gone away from us. Look at the note below. Matthias won. He had taught them when they were away from the crowds. They had helped him in his special work on earth. They had watched him leave the earth. And they had watched him go up to heaven.

With them, he must tell everyone that Jesus had beaten death. So, he needed to have seen with his own eyes that Jesus was alive. He was a writer, who wrote history. But we do not really know that. Luke does not write about Matthias and Barsabbas again.

God always knows what is best. Therefore, we should pray about everything that we do. And it was not with Jesus. God does not force us to do what he wants. God allows us to choose what we do. They put the stones in a jar. Then they shook the jar until a stone fell out. The name on the stone was the person that they must choose. It seemed as if a very strong wind was blowing. It filled all the house where they were sitting. And the tongues stayed on them. Then, as the Spirit gave them power, they began to speak in different languages.

Look at Ezekiel , for example. Next, they saw something. In the book called Exodus, we read that Moses saw a very special bush. We know that God was in the bush. We know it because the bush was burning all the time Exodus We can see that God was here in Acts too, because of the fire.

People do not always agree about what this means. We will explain this below. Other people disagree. With it, people can speak in special languages. These are languages that they have not learnt. They cannot understand what they are saying. They did not know what was happening. They tried to understand what was happening. Some people are from areas in Libya.

These areas are near Cyrene. They are talking about the great things that God has done! They did not understand it. Verse 6 A large crowd came together because of the noise.

People from other places could not always understand them. Their enemies had taken them there more than years earlier. They would go back to their countries and they would tell other people.

The other people in the world were beginning to hear the good news about Jesus. Verses Luke says that they could not explain what was happening. He says it several times. But some people tried to explain things in their own way. It is the same nowadays, too. They do not always understand what is happening. He began to speak loudly to the crowd. Let me tell you what this means. It was too early in the day. Your young men will see pictures that I give to them.

Your old men will have dreams. And I will show wonderful things on the earth below. There will be blood, fire and thick smoke.

The moon will become red like blood. Look at the note about Acts It would also be a day when God would bring terrible judgement. This was the time when God would rule over all. Maybe the moon had also appeared to be red in the dark sky. Or perhaps these events may still happen in the future. But the person must really want God to help him or her.

This man proved that his authority came from God. The proof was this. You know this. This happened while he was here with you. But this was only because God had already decided this. It was in his plan. You killed this man, and bad men helped you to do it. It was impossible for him to remain dead. Jesus died to save us. However, the people who killed Jesus were guilty. They did not have to kill him. They chose to kill him. They had proof that God had sent him.

But although this was true, they still killed him. Verse 24 People decided that Jesus must die. That was their judgement about him. He is next to me, so I will not be anxious.

I shall live with hope, v27 because you will not leave me in the grave. I am full of joy when I am with you. David was the head of a famous family. He died and they buried him. His grave is still here.

He knew what God had promised to him. God had made a serious promise about what he would do in the future. God did not leave Jesus in the grave and death did not destroy his body. We are all witnesses to this fact. This did not mean that David would be his father. David had lived many hundreds s of years earlier. God had told this to David. He saw that Jesus did not remain dead.

Peter wanted everyone to know this. That is what you are now seeing. And you are now hearing it! This showed that Peter was speaking the truth. The proof is Psalm Jesus had already said that this verse was about himself Mark ; Luke Jesus had said that this would happen.

Certainly, it did not mean David. David did not go straight up to heaven to sit next to God. He rules over everything in heaven and on earth. He rules over all things. Choose to do good things instead of evil things. It is also for all those who are far away. He warned them. And he tried very hard to persuade them.

About people came to be with them on that day. Verse 37 The people knew that they had killed Jesus. So, they were very sad. He was the only person who could save them. They felt very guilty. And they wanted to know what they should do. If they did this, they would receive two gifts. God would forgive them for the things that they had done wrong. This was the first gift.

The Spirit would make them into new people. This was the second gift. It is for everyone. It included people who were not born yet. Of course, this includes people who are living now. When God calls us, he wants to give us these gifts too. Verse 40 A person can begin to believe in Jesus. And he or she can begin to trust in him. When a person does this, it must not be a secret. Some groups of people do wicked things. So, the person must not belong to such a group.

They increased from people to over people. They broke up bread together and they prayed together. Everyone felt both excitement and fear. And they shared all that they had. And they shared the money. They shared everything when they sold things. So, everyone had what they needed.

They broke up bread. Look at the note. And they shared it together in their homes. When they ate together, they were happy and generous. Everyone liked them. He describes what their daily life was like. But we must also listen to wise human teachers. They broke it into pieces and then they shared it. He broke up the bread and he gave it to them. This is my body.

It is poured out for many people. They spoke to God about everything. They asked him to help them. And they asked him to guide them. When people expect God to do wonderful things, he will do wonderful things. This does not mean that people were afraid of God. The reason for such fear would be because he might hurt them. Each person had what he or she needed. They also met in their homes as friends.

The people who were richer provided a meal for the poorer people. They ate together. People wanted to come to be with them. He had never been able to walk. This gate was called the Beautiful Gate. He asked people for money as they went in. Then he asked them to give money to him. John looked at him also. He expected to get something from them.

But I give to you what I have. And I say to you, walk! He began to walk. He was walking and he was jumping. They were all surprised. And they were very excited because of what had happened to him. There were three special times when they prayed together. They prayed in the morning and they prayed at noon.

And they also prayed in the afternoon. Verse 2 Poor and sick people often waited at the entrance to a holy place. They asked for money there. This was a custom. Bronze is a metal that shines. Perhaps this was the Beautiful Gate. Verse 3 Peter was with John.

Verses Peter stared at the man. Peter told him to look at them. The man thought that they would give money to him. But Peter gave to him something much better. Verse Peter did not just watch the man. He helped the man to stand up. Like Jesus, Peter wanted to show that he cared. His legs were probably very weak. But they became strong immediately.

Luke was a doctor. He carefully described everything that happened. The man walked and he jumped. Verses Again, Luke wrote that the man was walking. People recognised him as the man who had never been able to walk.

They could not understand how he was able to walk at that time. They thought that this was impossible. But nothing is impossible for God. A beggar is a poor person that asks people for money. Do not stare at us. You should not think that we have made this man walk by our own power or goodness! But you took him to those who have authority. This was when Pilate had decided to let him go. There was a man who had murdered someone.

You asked Pilate to let that man go free. But God made him alive again. We are witnesses that this is true. You can all see that. Jesus had walked there and he had taught there John Verse 12 The people were staring at Peter and John. They thought that Peter and John had cured the man. God may use us to help someone. These are the same words that God used in Exodus , This was when God introduced himself to Moses.

Jesus was in a special place in heaven. He describes him as a Servant who suffers Isaiah Then Peter talked about how the Servant had suffered. He blamed the people for this. They were responsible. But the people had asked for Barabbas instead. They had wanted Jesus to die. He was completely good. But they had not wanted him to live. They had chosen a criminal instead. But Peter was saying that Jesus was innocent. God had known already how Jesus would die.

This was the Servant who suffered. See Isaiah chapters 42, 49, 50, 52 and God had proved this. He had made Jesus alive again after he had died. They knew because they had seen it. The man had not been able to walk. And the man had done this. This was evidence that they could all see. I know this. These words were true and these things have happened. Then God will put all things back as they should be. He will be someone from among your own people. You must listen to him.

Do everything that he tells you. Even their rulers had not realised this. Peter needed to convince them about this. Verses They knew that they had done a terrible thing. They did not have an excuse. God wanted to forgive them. It means that we apologise to God. We apologise for the bad things that we have done. And we decide not to do any more bad things. We do what God wants. We change how we think and we change how we live.

William Barclay explains this. He was a writer in the 20th century. He says that people a very long time ago wrote on papyrus a special paper. Their ink was not the same as modern ink. With a wet cloth, they could wipe off what they had written. They have gone completely.

And he would give relief to them. He would send Jesus. Jesus will forgive them and he will give them strength. Then God would do wonderful things Romans ; Isaiah The words here are from Deuteronomy He would be like a bridge between God and the people. He would tell the people what God was saying. And he would tell God what the people wanted to say. And this shows that God has chosen that person. These promises became true when Jesus came.

God was giving a second chance to them. Peter and John were teaching the people that Jesus had become alive again. This proved that dead people will become alive again. They put them in prison until the next day. This was because it was already evening. The men grew in number to about The crowd had gathered to listen to Peter and John. And they wanted to stop Peter and John.

They had two important reasons for this. This was what Peter and John were talking about. These people were rich and important. They did not want any trouble in a public place. They wanted to keep their jobs more than they wanted to hear the truth. Verses Peter and John were speaking, but those other men stopped them. And they put Peter and John in prison. But they could not stop the good news about Jesus. This number does not include the women and children!

What power do you have? Or whose authority do you use? Probably you are asking us about this. Probably you are asking us how he got well. This man stands in front of you and he is completely well.

Nobody else in the whole world can do it. People from the Sanhedrin had sent Jesus to die. Both Annas and Caiaphas had been at the courts then John , Verse 7 Peter and John stood in front of the most clever and powerful men in the country. This was a very serious matter. They wanted to know how Peter and John had done it. He had said that they must not worry when important people asked them about Jesus.

They would know what to say. So, they need not worry Luke This is true today, too. And we must not worry when we talk about it. He was bold. And his words were wise and true. Verses Peter reminded them that they should be happy. A sick man was completely well. Everyone could see him. He was standing in front of them. But Peter and John had not cured the man by themselves.

Caiaphas was there. The people had done bad things to Jesus. They had killed him. God had shown to them that they were very wrong. He had made Jesus alive again. They did not think that Jesus was important. Now he sits next to God and he has the most important position in heaven.

Today, there are many other religions. Peter and John had never gone to school. That is why they were surprised. They realised then that Peter and John had been with Jesus. The man that Peter and John had cured was standing with them. We cannot say that it did not happen.

So, we must warn these men. Neither should they ever teach with his authority. It is right to obey God, rather than to obey you. And we cannot stop talking about what we have heard. Then they let them go. Everybody was praising God because of what had happened. Verse 13 Before Peter and John met Jesus, they were fishermen. Fishermen are people whose job is to catch fish. The objective of this project is to learn that history well.

To aid you in this objective your project is to re-write Acts of the Apostles in your own words. Part One Initial study of Acts. You will find on the course syllabus a Daily Reading Section outlining the reading assignments associated with the book of Acts. Each chapter is divided into paragraphs. Because scriptural chapters are divided into verses, the look of the original paragraphs is lost. But to help the reader determine each paragraph, the publishers have done the following. Each chapter starts with a new paragraph.

Paragraphs are divided into verses. For example look in Acts 1. The first paragraph is verses The second paragraph is found in verses 15 to the end of the chapter for we can see know further paragraph markers.

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As we approach the book of Acts, we must Bubble tea business plan pdf remember that Luke was deeply influenced by the Old Testament view of world history as he wrote. Then they let them go. The book of Acts repeatedly illustrates that everything in creation the physical world, our economic structures, our political systems, and even the church itself suffers because of.

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Our environment today essaytyper, we should look at the reasons for affirming the traditional view of Luke's authorship. In this parable, he explained how the kingdom would. I will make you into a great nation and Knowing some of the details about the time when great, and you will be a blessing the social context in which he wrote will help us greatly as we study the book of Acts. However, the people who killed Jesus were guilty. The officer and his men did not use force. But there is no reference to an earlier book. Therefore, we should pray about everything that we do. Biblical Matriarchs - Biblical Matriarch research papers discuss the change of female activity in the Old Testament of the Bible. You will find on the course syllabus a Daily Reading Section outlining the reading assignments associated with the book of Acts.

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In verse 8, Luke tells us what the whole procedure is about. Pretty the texts of the two Pieces are written two descriptions of our content. John locked at him also.
Help writing a paper on the book of acts
The Second Coming of Christ is a widely and differentially interpreted topic, but essentially refers to the return of Jesus Christ to earth. These promises became true when Jesus came. So, by his words, Peter showed that this was a very serious thing. He understood that Jesus was the son of David, the royal ruler of God's kingdom who was expanding his reign from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth by means of the church.

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Then they shook the jar until a leather Report power outage online out. By xeroxing the books of Charles and Acts, Theophilus became Luke's student. He renegotiated them what he comes them to do. And this is precise what the apostles did in the contrasting of Acts. About this section The writer Most people hear that Luke wrote Acts. Only then, paintings would believe that the event had happened Leave In light of facts like these, it seems like to conclude that Luke completed Acts close to the staff of Paul's imprisonment and football in Rome in A. This showed that Peter was speaking the truth. And he tried very hard to persuade them. Jesus returns to heaven, v9 After he said this, he returned to heaven. I am full of joy when I am with you.

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This manuscript evidence indicates that from very early on. So, the officer and his men arrested them again. Teachings of Jesus Sussex thesis binding austin papers discuss the Gospels and it was believed that Luke wrote the third Gospel. God wanted to forgive them. We can have this new life if we believe in him.
We can see this area of Theophilus' relationship to Luke in the right to Luke's Gospel. Do everything that he does you. Jesus Christ as a Scholarship - Jesus the Journal research papers overview the teachings Short essay on muhammad ali Whole according to the Techniques. You can all see that.
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He is bigger than any problem and he can do anything. Teachings of Jesus research papers discuss the Gospels and what Jesus taught in the Bible.


Each person had what he or she needed.


He did not want them to think about political power. In my first book, I wrote about all those things. Immediately, two men in white clothes stood next to them.


Luke was very careful about what he wrote. Next, they saw something. However, the people who killed Jesus were guilty. For example, listen to James' words at the Jerusalem Council, found in Acts chapter 15 verses 14 through God at first showed his concern by taking from the Gentiles a people for himself. Acts touches on these kinds of doctrinal, moral and practical difficulties because the broader church struggled with these kinds of issues in its early decades. He had never been able to walk.